Operation Bullpen: The Inside Story

What the media and collectors are saying about Kevin Nelson’s Operation Bullpen:

“A terrific account of how a pot-smoking master forger and his friends made $100 million selling fake autographs before they were busted by the FBI.”
— New York Daily News

“Fascinating. Remarkable. It's either the sports book or the crime book of the year. Either way, it's a movie crying to be made.”
— Oakland Tribune

“This book should be required reading for dealers, distributors and serious autograph collectors. People who are in this hobby for life need to read this book.”
— Sports Collectors Digest

“[Nelson’s] book is absolutely clearly invaluable and a great read. I’ve read it twice.”
— Tom Shieber, senior curator, National Baseball Hall of Fame

“What a great book. Even though I have been in the business of baseball auctions for over thirty years, I learned plenty and enjoyed it tremendously. Anyone would enjoy this book and I think every collector should read it.”
— Owner, East Coast auction house

“I purchased your book and I must say it is fantastic, riveting and for an autograph collector like myself, scary.”
— New Jersey collector

“Reads like a John Grisham legal thriller, with the good guys and bad guys playing a cat-and mouse game of unprecedented scope in the world of big-money autographs.”
— Pen & Quill

“I just wanted to say that I love your book. It really touched a nerve with me since I am a memorabilia collector. Best thing I've read this year.”
— David P., Missouri collector

“A fascinating and revealing study of human nature.”
— Pen

“A raucous romp inside the operations of the so-called ‘flip-flop mafia’ of southern California.”
— LA Observed

Featured on ESPN, Tru TV, and national radio. Excerpted in Sports Collectors Digest and Autograph. Now under development to be a feature film.